Another valuable input from the Katie's Dad blog
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On Saturday I wrote about the powerful response by the blogger Katie’s Dad to a numbingly conventional piece of open borders propaganda published in the National Journal by a recent English immigrant they employ.

Articles about immigration frequently attract very interesting posts in their threads (often the best part in the case of MSM material). A correspondent to Katie’s Dad raised a crucial point:

” The remarks about H1B really resonate with me personally. One Indian project manager at the company where I work has his green card, and he never hires Americans; everyone in his group is from China or India and all of them are either H1B or green card people. When there’s an opening in his group, Americans may be interviewed, but somehow an H1B or green card person always ”wins out’ and gets the job. I have friends at other companies that have reported similar experiences. I personally doubt the integrity of the hiring process in most corporations these days.

Indians, of course are by no means the most dysfunctional imports into this country, (Hmong? Haitians? Somalis?) but even a slight knowledge of their ancient culture must include its intense clannishness and familialism. They invented Caste!

Having Indians in hiring positions inevitably means native-born Americans will be discriminated against. You won’t read that in the MSM.


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