Lamar Smith denounces CPAC's Treason Lobby Immigration Panel
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H/T One Old Vet

The indefatigable One Old Vet site has posted a valuable compendium of stories about CPAC from which I learn that Congressman Lamar Smith made the same judgment as me about the ridiculous Immigration Panel:

In response to a panel which includes four proponents of comprehensive immigration reform and one critic, Smith ripped the American Conservative Union, which hosts CPAC, in a press release.

“You have to wonder when a self-described conservative organization stacks an immigration panel with amnesty advocates,” Smith accused. “For the second year in a row, CPAC has featured a panel where all but one speaker supports the agenda of liberal Democrats and the liberal national media. ‘Truth-in-advertising’ would require CPAC to drop the word ‘conservative.’”

CPAC Immigration Debate Stacked 3-to-1 with Pro-Amnesty Panelists by Matthew Boyle 6 Mar 2014

Of course this is absolutely true – and has been for years. The CPAC management is consciously anti-American.

GOP lawmaker says CPAC not conservative on immigration Chuck Ross The Daily Caller 03/06/2014

adds more detail

American Conservative Union…president, Al Cardenas, is a vocal proponent of reform, having supported legalization for undocumented immigrants. This year’s immigration panel is called “Can There Be Meaningful Immigration Without Citizenship?”

Mercy Viana Schlapp of Cove Strategies moderates, with panelists Helen Krieble of the Vernon K. Krieble Foundation, Rev. Luis Cortes Jr. of Esperanza, Alfonao Aguilar of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles and Derrick Morgan of the Heritage Foundation.

Morgan is the only panelist who opposes legalizing illegal immigrants before the border is secured


(No discussion of the desperately needed moratorium possibility, of course) For Cove Strategies and Mercy (Mercedes) Schlapp see here:

Mercedes serves as the interface between the clients and Spanish-language media outlets,… Mercedes served in the White House for President George W. Bush as a spokesperson for Spanish-language media outlets in the United States, Spain and Latin America

So the Panel was 3/2 Reconquistas!.

So far so good. Lamar Smith has been a rather questionable friend in the Amnesty/Amnesty Surge War and I was underwhelmed to read

Asked by The Daily Caller News Foundation whether Smith had been invited to speak about immigration at CPAC, a Smith aide said, “Congressman Smith declined to participate on such a biased panel since they already had three pro-legalization speakers.”

Furthermore I note that the “Press Release” has not yet been posted to the Smith website.

Nevertheless it is encouraging that this timid soul feels the anti-Treason wind is so strong.


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