CPAC Goes Ideologically Diverse for Immigration Panel
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The big cheese American Conservative Union (CPAC) recently hosted its annual conference, attended by enthusiastic thousands. Its main immigration panel was titled Saving Freedom from Obama's Immigration Plan, even though the Obie amnesty is not much different from the Bush model.

The CPAC panel was "diverse" in that speakers included both friends of borders (Dino Teppara, Congress candidate Ed Lynch, Robert Rector) and supporters of comprehensive amnesty (John Fund, Linda Chavez). Rector at 21 minutes is the most worthwhile.

I thought it rude that John Fund used his position as moderator to dismiss the remarks of Robert Rector, but politics ain't beanbag, as they say.

CPAC's list of foundational beliefs bravely states "...we will be free only so long as the national sovereignty of the United States is secure," but its institutional attitudes toward hostile Islam and immigration show a different mindset altogether.

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