"Lack Of Obvious Pro-Republican Bias" Noticeable In McCain Aide`s Book—And In McCain
March 02, 2011, 03:44 AM
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McCain Aide Mark Salter is believed to be the author of a book called O: A Presidential Novel, (anonymously) and an angry LA Times reviewer named Tim Rutten, seems to have included a made-up quote, or worse, a plagiarized made-up quote.

You can find out more details than you need about this kind of mini-scandal here: L.A. Times reviewer may find himself in hot water over fictional McCain aide quote, [By Will Rahn, The Daily Caller March 1, 2011], but what struck me was this, from the Atlantic`s Jeffrey Goldberg:Atlantic`s Jeffrey Goldberg, who wrote

"In fact, given that O seems to have been written by a McCain operative, its lack of obvious pro-Republican bias is noticeable."
Yes, well, I think if it had been written by McCain himself, its lack of pro-Republican bias would be even more noticeable. Remember,  McCain is a "maverick"—a man with no  trace of loyalty to either the Republican Party or his Arizona constituents, who practically threw the 2008 election to avoid looking racist.

I wrote in 2006 that

"McCain will always put John McCain ahead of party loyalty–I mean, looking ahead to a McCain presidency, can you say for sure which party’s ticket he’ll be elected on?"
Fortunately, the answer is "none"—but you can see why one of his aides, writing anonymously, wouldn`t give himself away by being obviously Republican.