Kritarch Decreed Border Patrol Could Cut Wire To Provide Medical Aid—So Now ALL Illegals Claim To Have Sick Children
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In an earlier column, I mentioned that the kritarch who allegedly the Biden administration from cutting or removing razor wire that Texas officials placed along a busy stretch of the U.S.-Mexico border left a loophole in big enough to drive a truck through.

The Border Patrol is allowed to cut the wire to provide emergency medical aid. So, guess what? The illegal alien invaders are claiming all the children are sick [More Border Chaos in Eagle Pass, Texas as Illegal Aliens with Sick Children Invade US (VIDEO), by David Greyson, November 18, 2023].

They probably are telling a partial truth, that a lot of them are sick and bringing diseases here to the U.S.

So, despite the razor wire, the invasion continues. We apparently don’t have the nerve to send them back to the Mexican side, which would involve using force, and the Left knows how to use children to get an open border. Like Hamas, put the kids in harm’s way, then complain if the poor little dearies get harmed in any way. Remember “Kids are cute, therefore—Open Borders.”

Will a Republican like Trump have the nerve to stand up to the Left’s propaganda tactics?

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