Mayorkas Wants To Bring American Border Security ”Into The 21st Century” Without Deporting Any Illegals
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I’m going through today’s, 31st of October, Washington Post. There are only two articles in section A dealing with the border, our border that is. On page A2, we get “Court bars federal officials from undoing border wire for now” [online title: Court temporarily bars federal officials from removing Texas border wire] that deals with AG Ken Paxton supposedly winning a temporary restraining order, issued they note “by U.S. District Court Judge Alia Moses, a George W. Bush appointee.”

Sounds good, but WAIT, “The order also acknowledged that federal officials need the ability to reach migrants in distress, authorizing them to remove or cut wire to provide emergency medical aid.” There’s your loophole and if Mayorkas’s abuse of parole proves anything, all they need is a loophole and they can drive trucks through it.

Speaking of Mayorkas and trucks, the only other article on the border was written by the Cuban dwarf on page A21, “Congress must bring border security into the 21st century” [Online title: Opinion: Alejandro Mayorkas: Congress must bring our border security into the 21st century].

At this point, trying to read anything from the midget traitor (can he even be considered American?) causes my blood pressure to rise. Senor “The Border is Secure” Mayorkas is only providing propaganda for no border at all. Will the Communist infiltrator be impeached?

He must have noticed how much the Republican candidates brought up fentanyl during the debates because he talks about how most seized fentanyl comes through ports of entry (POEs) in trucks, so give him money for "cutting-edge detection machines." What about the unseized fentanyl? The first thing they teach you in statistics is to make sure that what you are measuring correlates to what you want measured. There are so many known gotaways, but there are unknown gotaways too.

What’s his real agenda?

That is why the Biden-Harris administration has requested critical supplemental homeland and border security funding from Congress as part of a broader global-security budget request that includes funding to help Israel fight Hamas terrorists and Ukraine counter Russian aggression. Congress must pass it.

So, Mayorkas wants an omnibus bill passed that pays lip service to border security, and increases funding for overseas wars. He blames the unprecedented giveaway of our country on global warming. Only the densest of morons will believe that is what is causing migration and not the fact that our country is (or was) nicer than theirs and the illegals get free money for entering the U.S.

“Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior.” If Mayorkas’s past actions prove anything, it is that he has no intention of stopping illegal immigration.

As the Post says, “Democracy dies in darkness”; you can consider it their mission statement. 

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