Key to Trump Victory in Four Weeks? A Total Immigration Moratorium Now!
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Since this email was sent, we watched the VP debate on Wednesday night and were disappointed but unsurprised (What can you expect from this moderator?) that immigration was again totally ignored. (But we did get at least ten minutes of hand-wringing about white supremacy.) Despite this, we can still be encouraged by President Trump's efforts to rework the H1-B rules in favor of American workers. The trick is: to win, the GOP needs to talk about it.

Twenty-five years ago, in Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’ Immigration Disaster, Peter Brimelow proposed an Immigration Moratorium. As of April, there were 684 articles on discussing an Immigration Moratorium.

Finally, it’s breaking through.

Trump put the concept of a Moratorium “in play,” via Twitter six months ago in response to the Chinese Virus.

  • In June, he extended and expanded his temporary immigration moratorium and fundamentally changed immigration policy to Put Americans First.
  • Most guest worker visas, including the H-1B visa, are excluded from entry under the new ban and the order is extended until the end of the year.
  • As Ed Rubenstein has shown American worker displacement has dropped, while the immigrant workforce has also dropped since these measures were enacted... but Trump isn't talking about this on the campaign trail and how it's helping native-born Americans in the labor market!

But in September, Immigration Patriots witnessed an enormous victory when Lauren Witzke won the GOP Senate nomination in Delaware on an Immigration Moratorium platform. Her decisive victory is proof that an immigration moratorium is now not only “in play,” but a winning platform.

The time has come: Total Immigration Moratorium Now!

Watch interview Lauren Witzke here!

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