"Florida Man" (I. E. Black Felon) 5 Days Out Of Prison, Arrested For Shooting Truck Full Of Bullet Holes, Killing Nobody
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As I've said before, the phrase "Florida Man" in a headline is proverbially linked to foolishness involving alcohol, requiring the intervention of  the police and fire departments, and similar to the consequences of saying "Hold my beer, I got this. "

That is, it's presumably about rednecks. But not always.

PJMedia's "Florida Man Friday" roundup includes this:

Florida Man Tried to Gun Down Truck Driver Just 5 Days After Being Released From Prison

Go back, Demare, do it again:

Citrus County deputies say Demare Barnes spent the last four years in prison, and was just released five days ago. Now he’s back behind bars, this time on attempted murder charges.

Thankfully no one was shot, but the placement of the bullet holes indicates the lack of injuries was some kind of miracle.

YOLO, right?

They also have a YouTube clip of Steely Dan's Do It Again, which I bet Demare doesn't listen to:

Let's hear, from the linked Newsweek story, how this went down:

A man has been arrested for attempted murder just five days after being released from prison, say police.

The Citrus County Sheriff's Office (CCSO) told local media deputies had responded to calls about violent clashes in front of a Circle K convenience store in Citrus Avenue, Crystal River, on Sunday.

Upon arrival, the investigators heard gunshots and found a number of fights had broken out between 60 and 80 people.

Multiple physical altercations were ongoing as deputies attempted to gain control of the situation, identify potential victims, and locate possible suspects, said the sheriff's office in a media statement.

While dispersing the crowd, officers found a truck with multiple gunshot holes.

The person inside the vehicle was uninjured, but officers say the driver had a lucky escape as the bullet holes were near where they were seated.

After securing the crime scene, officers began quizzing those nearby.

After looking at a variety of photographs, detectives said they identified 32-year-old Demare Barnes.

Here's Demare:

So, no social distancing, a mass brawl, witnesses who won't talk, gunshots for no reason, and no one hit. Even without the name and photo, we could guess that this was a black thing, not a redneck thing. 

I explained the reasons for bad black marksmanship my "Leaded Law" article above.  In this case the fact that Demare had no opportunity to fire a gun at all five years adds to the bad marksmanship factor

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