Is Peggy Noonan Converting?
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A number of readers have pointed out Peggy Noonan's Wall Street Journal column yesterday showing commendable deviationist tendancies on immigration: ("What does it mean when your first act is to break the laws of your new country? What does it mean when you know you are implicitly supported in lawbreaking by that nation's ruling elite?") Larry Auster traces Noonan's evolution since a meeting we all attended in 1992 here, complaining that she still talks only about illegal immigration - and doesn't acknowledge she was wrong. My own feeling, based purely on masculine intution - better than feminine intuition, IMO - is that this skilled survivor of CBS News, the Reagan White House and the WSJ Edit Page court of the late Bob Bartley has always been perfectly well aware of the arguments against immigration...and also of the professional dangers of raising them.
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