A Southern Poverty Law Christmas? (Not!)
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So, it is the Christmas Season, end of the year and you are thinking of donating to charitable organizations that make a difference in our world all year long.

You may want to first check with Charity Navigator, an independent (non-profit) four - year old online "guide to intelligent giving".

"…sources exist universally in every other sector in America where consumers make choices. Every college-bound teenager in America consults U.S. News and World Report's college rankings before choosing a university. Very few people buy a household appliance without checking Consumer Reports. Car-buyers turn to a variety of evaluative options. Investors have a plethora of information choices before entering the market. And yet, in the charitable sector, a field more complicated and complex than any other, no one had stepped up to provide unbiased, analytical data that charitable consumers could rely upon before making a donation"[ The History of Charity Navigator]

Let’s say that you are considering donating your money to …oh, I don’t know…the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Now, now, hold on. I know that VDARE.com readers are far too intelligent and educated to be taken in by a leechlike extortionist huckster like Morris Dees who sucks up the donations of mindless people who obviously buy the plow and then go shopping for a mule.

This is not directed at you, I am doing my good deed for the season in hopes that you will pass this on to some of the less gray - matter blessed who are right now considering sending Dees and his crew of bottom feeders a buck or two.

(STOP THEM! SPLC has 152 million in reserve!)

So, share this with anyone you may know who cannot think for themselves and believes that Dees is more than the Jim and Tammy Faye of the civil rights movement that his former partner says he is.

Charity Navigator rates only 501 c 3 organizations. It uses a five star rating, 0-4 stars. It rates more than 5000 charities and divides them into nine categories.

One of those categories is…Public Benefit, with a subdivision of Advocacy and Civil Rights.

The Southern Poverty Law Center gets one star. "Poor", says Charity Navigator.

I urge the reader to take the time to understand the rating system and get an educated view of how Dees and company continue to exist.

Click here to read the entire review and analysis, and then send it to someone as a Christmas gift.

Having spent an hour reading about Dees, I am off to take another shower.

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