Is One Old Vet Right That Steve King's Birthright Citizenship Bill Is A Fraud?
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Conspiracy sheep

Is Steve King really serious?

On Tuesday I pointed out in Is The Birthright Citizenship/Anchor Baby Issue Igniting? How To Track that progress on Congressman Steve King’s Anchor Babies Loophole Bill H.R. 140 can be monitored by following the number of cosponsors on its Govtrack.US page (scroll down to “Cosponsors”).

No additions to the 13 who were reported then have since appeared.

There is no more alert or astute observer of the immigration news flow than One Old Vet. Sadly this news tends to supports OOV’s bilious assessment of H.R. 140

This is typical Steve King BS “go nowhere” legislative self-grandiosity.
Last June in just a few days the Amnesty blocking bills had gathered well over 60 separate cosponsors. Have these people not been approached? Why not?

Of course it could be that the rigid determination of the GOP House Leadership to prevent all patriotic legislation has intimidated the rank and file. Everyone must have got the message that the Money is with Sheldon Adelson and his friends in the Treason Lobby.

But I do not agree with OOV that HR 140 is pointless because the Senate will block it. The issue is incendiary once the public understands it (how can anyone defend Birth Tourism?) which is why the other side is desperate to repress it. Control of the House gives the GOP some ability to frame national debate. H.R. 140 should have hearings and be brought to the floor. It will frighten and embarrass the Democrats.

On Wednesday One Old Vet supplied a classic example of the loophole in action ILLEGAL Shamelessly Uses Anchor Babies to Avoid Deportation

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