Lou Barletta Proposes Amnesty Blocking Bills - MSM Ignores
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Lou Barletta (PA-11th) at Monday's Press Conference

You might think that the Obamacrat Administrative Amnesty Coup d’état combined with the Supreme Legislative Branch’s ratification of Fed immigration law nullification might create some MSM interest in the views of Lou Barletta, the Congressman who came to fame by leading an important local effort to correct Washington’s malfeasance on immigration.

That would mean that you have not grasped the absolutely central role played in the American immigration disaster by MSM repression. As I predicted, Barletta is too effective to be allowed voice.

So the press conference he held last Monday to announce two anti Administrative Amnesty bills went totally unreported except by local newspapers: Barletta calls for hearings on immigration policy By Sam Galski citizensvoice.com July 3, 2012

At a Monday afternoon press conference in his hometown, Barletta criticized the Obama administration and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano for improperly using "prosecutorial discretion" in granting indefinitely renewable two-year work permits to illegal immigrants.

Barletta said the development effectively grants "de facto amnesty" to as many as 1.4 million illegal immigrants and has asked leaders of the House Homeland Security and Judiciary committees to hold investigative hearings on the Obama administration's ability to use prosecutorial discretion when deciding not to deport illegal immigrants…

Barletta introduced two bills in Washington last Friday. House Resolution 6070 requires a study to determine the effects the Obama immigration policy has on national security, potential fraud, American workers, student financial aid, the economy and impacts on government programs including unemployment benefits. House Resolution 6069 would protect federal Immigration and Custom Enforcement agents, Customers and Border Protection employees and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service employees who do not follow the president's directive.

H.R. 6070 currently has 9 cosponsors

Rep. Dan Burton [R-IN5]
Rep. Mike Kelly [R-PA3]
Rep. Leonard Lance [R-NJ7]
Rep. Thomas Marino [R-PA10]
Rep. Tim Murphy [R-PA18]
Rep. Todd Platts [R-PA19]
Rep. Dennis Ross [R-FL12]
Rep. David Schweikert [R-AZ5]
Rep. Glenn Thompson [R-PA5]

H.R. 6069 has none.

Of the 9 cosponsors, Congressman Ross has signed Lamar Smith’s HR 2497. Congressman Schweikert, besides sponsoring his own H.R. 5957 has signed his Primary rival Ben Quayle’s HR 5953 and the Smith Bill, a unique record of seriousness.

The House was adjourned all this week and only one new cosponsor showed up for the earlier Bills. Smith’s HR 2497 gained

Rep. Paul Broun [R-GA10]

Broun has not signed any of the other bills.

The 112th GOP House Leadership is clearly owned by the Cheap Labor Lobby – perhaps even the Treason Lobby. Cosponsoring these Bills is an efficient way for a Congressman to dissent. A true dissenter would sign them all.

I hope any VDARE.com who gets a chance this holiday finds out what his Congresscritter has done about the Quayle, Schweikert, Smith and Barletta Bills.

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