Q. Why Does the US Have a High Murder Rate? A. Lots of Guns and Lots of Blacks
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Guns and blacks, especially blacks marinated in the African-American culture of taking offense, are not a good combination.

Blacks tend to be more “into the moment” than other races. It’s a big part of why they are so mediagenic on average compared to other people. A downside of being into the moment is the moment can last the rest of your life if there are guns around.

Are the Democrats going to run on any issues this year other than hatred for Emmanuel Trumpenstein? Hillary was into gun control last time, which definitely didn’t help her in the Deer Hunter states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. As I wrote in 2016:

The problem for the Democrats that they always run into when they get excited about gun control is that:

– They want to take handguns away from dangerous urban minorities.

– They will never ever admit that’s what they want to do.

So whenever the Democrats start talking about gun control, they end up going on and on about how the real threat is all those evil redneck white males with their scary rifles.

They just can’t help themselves.

And then they lose the election.

Joe Biden, age 77, isn’t the sharpest nominee in the toolshed, but he’s probably not as stupid as Hillary in 2016.

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