Immigration Patriot Gets GOP Nomination!!!!!!
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Brightening a very dreary political season pleasant news arrived from New York last night: Lalor gets decisive win for GOP line Poughkeepsie Journal Sep 13, 2012

In November, Republican Kieran Michael Lalor will face Democrat Paul Curran to represent the newly created 105th Assembly District…

The 105th Assembly District includes Beekman, Dover, East Fishkill, Fishkill, LaGrange, Pawling, Union Vale, Wappinger and Washington.

Lalor had caught Peter Brimelow’s attention:

Recently I saw an eloquent blog post by a young U.S. Marine veteran, Kieran Lalor, who is running for the GOP nomination in the New York State Assembly's 105th district, denouncing the NY Democrats' extraordinary move to use taxpayer monies to help illegals through the amnesty process…

It's quite common to run across immigration patriots among Republican officials, but rare for them to speak out.

Another GOP Immigration Patriot Sighted: NY's Kieran Lalor

Got to start somewhere…

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