Radio Derb Makes Nasty Joke About Chicago Teacher Union President
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Picking up on a theme aired on Tuesday by James Fulford, this weekend's Radio Derb passes some disgracefully mean-spirited, if not downright nasty, comments on Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis, whose total annual income I estimated earlier in the broadcast at $250,000.


The Chicago Sun-Times newspaper on Tuesday ran a headline reading thus: TEACHERS STRIKE ENTERS ITS 3RD DAY WITH TWO SIDES 'KILOMETERS APART.'

Say what? "Kilometers"? (Or "Ki-LO-meters," if you want to be fussy about it. Or for that matter, "klicks," for all you Vietnam vets.)

The phrase "kilometers apart" is actually in quotes in the headline. So who are they quoting? Why, teachers' union president Karen Lewis, she of the quarter-million-dollar compensation package and the activist-Left paper trail.

I could be making a mountain out of a molehill here, perhaps influenced by news pictures of the mountainous Ms. Lewis, who carries at least a pound of avoirdupois for every thousand dollars of her compensation package, but would it be too much of a stretch to surmise that when you've been a lifelong Left activist like this lady, stale old American miles, pounds, and gallons have to give way to glamorous European — not to mention Soviet — kilometers, kilos, and liters?

Look at it from Ms. Lewis's point of view: in kilograms, she only weighs 120.


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