Illegal Alien ”Crime Victim Visa” Fraud Increasing
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The corrupt U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), a component of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), has started the process to approve fraudulent U Non-Immigrant Visas (NIV) for the illegal aliens, who got a free trip to Martha’s Vineyard, but were summarily deported from the ritzy resort town to a Massachusetts National Guard base on the Massachusetts mainland. This expands the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty into an open Visa Fraud Amnesty.

At the same time, other illegal aliens, instead of lying about being the victim of a crime, are creating fake crimes in order to get the same U NIVs. U NIVs are visas that give work permits, and eventual Lawful Permanent Residence (LPR) green cards, to aliens who claim to be the victims of crime and who claim to also be victims of mental and physical abuse, as well as are actively cooperating with a law enforcement agency and prosecutorial agency actively pursuing an investigation and prosecution.

The U nonimmigrant status (U visa) is set aside for victims of certain crimes who have suffered mental or physical abuse and are helpful to law enforcement or government officials in the investigation or prosecution of criminal activity. Congress created the U nonimmigrant visa with the passage of the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act (including the Battered Immigrant Women’s Protection Act) in October 2000.

Victims of Criminal Activity: U Nonimmigrant Status, USCIS, undated

However, U NIVs are not only mostly fraudulently obtained, but also another case of Congress solving a nonexistent problem with greater immigration benefits for illegal aliens. Prior to the unnecessary U NIV, aliens who needed to testify in criminal cases were paroled, then deported after their testimony. Instead Congress gave alien victims of crime in the United States the opportunity to get a green card just for having a purse stolen.

An important part of the U NIV is that a crime must have occurred. However, in the case of illegal aliens who got a free trip to Martha’s Vineyard, no crime was committed and no one has been indicted or even identified as a suspect—but USCIS is taking these fraudulent applications seriously.

Many of the migrants who were sent to Martha’s Vineyard by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in 2022 have cleared a significant hurdle in their efforts to obtain visas for people considered victims of crime.

That’s according to a document shared with GBH News and two attorneys who represent some of the 49 migrants. The migrants weren’t aware they were part of a political ruse and that they were going to Massachusetts from Texas.

Boston-based attorney Rachel Self told GBH News on Monday that they’ve started to receive federal documents called “bona fide determinations” meant for immigrants to gain so-called U-visas from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Migrants Flown To Martha’s Vineyard Closer To Getting Victim Visas, Sarah Betancourt, WGBH, April 22, 2024

Here we have a Federal agency, USCIS, certifying that that these illegal aliens were determined to be victims of a crime, but no crime was identified, only a “political ruse,” which is not a crime.

In fact, the illegal aliens signed waivers to receive their free transportation. The only illegal act was that they were removed from Martha’s Vineyard without legal process by the Governor of Massachusetts and local officials. But that illegal deportation from Martha’s Vineyard was not the basis for their “bona fide determinations.” In reality, such determinations are just a processing policy to grant employment authorization to as many who file applications as possible with no review of the underlying claim, though in the Martha’s Vineyard cases the determination was politically motivated by the Biden Regime. What needs to happen, though, is the Mexican sheriff, Javier Salazar, who signed the USCIS Form I-198B, U Nonimmigrant Status Certification, stating a crime happened, should be prosecuted for violating Title 18 United States Code, Section 1001, False Statements, as no crime occurred and he never was investigating any crime.

It is not just law enforcement falsely certifying that crimes occurred; illegal aliens are creating their own crimes to get U NIVs: in one case a group of Indian illegal aliens decided to stage fake armed robberies. Happily an armed citizen in Texas plugged one.

Six men have been charged with staging a series of armed robberies at gas stations, fast food restaurants, and liquor stores in the Chicago area, Louisiana, and Tennessee, in a scheme to obtain immigration visas reserved for crime victims.

A federal indictment unsealed on Friday in Chicago accuses the men of recruiting people to pose as robbers, and then filing false police reports, in order to obtain forms to qualify for U nonimmigrant status, also known as a U-visa, from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services…

Parth Nayi, 26, of Woodridge; Kewon Young, 31, of Mansfield, Ohio; Bhikhabhai Patel, 51, of Elizabethtown, Kentucky; Nilesh Patel, 32, of Jackson, Tennessee; Ravinaben Patel, 23, of Racine, Wisconsin; and Rajnikumar Patel, 32, of Jacksonville, Florida, are charged with conspiracy to commit visa fraud. Ravinaben Patel is also charged with making a false statement in a visa application.

6 Men Charged With Staging Robberies In Chicago Area To Get Visas Reserved For Crime Victims, 2 CBS Chicago/MSN, May 17, 2024

This is certainly conclusive evidence that being the victim of a crime is not the basis to get a green card and eventual citizenship, especially since most of the claims are fraudulent, as in the Martha’s Vineyard case.

Time for Congress to end the U NIV.

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