Black Women Abusing Power: Already Tainted Louisiana Judge To Be Tested By Explosive Rape Trial
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H/T Fox News for a new candidate for our Black Women Abusing Power Tag.

Judge presiding over LSU student’s attack makes unprecedented decision, prompting questions about conflicts [by Chris Eberhart, May 27, 2024], reports:

The Louisiana judge presiding over a high-profile criminal case accusing Black men of raping a White LSU student dismissed a 1972 rape conviction a year after she released a different rape suspect on reduced bail.

 District Judge Gail Horne Ray’s decisions, coupled with her son’s serial rape conviction and her potential bias as a lifetime member of the NAACP, has [sic] raised concerns about conflicts of interest. 

[ emphasis. Significant that Fox News feels able to say this.]

It gets worse.

This month, she dismissed Donald Ray Link’s 1972 conviction for aggravated rape, which hadn’t even been requested by Link’s lawyers. 

Instead, she vacated the 50-year-old conviction because the jury was given ”improper instructions” during the trial, which she called a ”glaring error,” WAFB reported based on court filings. 

East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore III has filed a statement saying

the trial court does not possess the inherent authority to ignore proper legal procedures and consider whatever it wants, whenever it wants.

This sounds like the case I discussed in Black Immigrant-Stock Commissar/Judge Abena Darkeh Declares 2nd Amendment Repealed.

Judge Gail Horne Ray’s behavior is particularly sensitive because she is presiding over and explosive rape trial:

…the alleged rape of 19-year-old LSU sophomore Madison Brooks … She was allegedly raped by four suspects—Kaivon Washington, Everett Lee, Casen Carver and Desmond Carter—in their car after a night of drinking.

…After the alleged attack in their car, the suspects reportedly left Brooks, who was stumbling and drunk, on the side of a busy four-lane highway in the middle of the night.

She was hit by a car and died from her injuries.

See also ’Laughing’ suspect in LSU student attack indicted on video recording  [by Chris Eberhart, Fox News, January 19, 2024].

Three of the four defendants are black. The defense is alleging consensual sex (which under Louisiana may not be a defense since the poor girl was extremely drunk) and claiming that the case is motivated by racism, since she was white.

Judge Ray has a hot potato. Based on her record, which already qualifies her for the Black Women Abuses Power tag, the prognosis is poor. She should never have been made a judge: she clearly lacks the temperament.

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