Get Mugged, Get A Green Card
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The untold abuse of our nation by Congress continues unabated. In the latest news the U Visa, the visa supposedly created to aid criminal prosecutions by granting non-immigrant visas to victims of crime who provide critical testimony at trials. Furthermore the visas were to be granted to those victims of significant crimes, not minor crimes such as misdemeanors.

And U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is doing its best to grant these visas with eventually lead to legal permanent residence. Electing a new people through crime. August 20, 2012

USCIS Reaches Milestone for Third Straight Year: 10,000 U Visas Approved in Fiscal Year 2012

WASHINGTON—U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) today marked a significant milestone in its efforts to provide relief to victims of crimes by approving the statutory maximum 10,000 petitions for U non-immigrant status, also referred to as the U-visa. This is the third straight year USCIS has reached the statutory maximum since it began issuing U-visas in 2008.

Each year, 10,000 U-visas are available for victims of crime who have suffered substantial mental or physical abuse and are willing to help law enforcement authorities investigate or prosecute those crimes. A U-visa petition requires law enforcement certification of assistance in the investigation or prosecution of crimes.

“The U-visa is an important tool aiding law enforcement to bring criminals to justice,” said USCIS Director Alejandro Mayorkas. “At the same time, we are able to provide immigration protection to victims of crime and their families. Both benefits are in the interest of the public we serve.”

The big lie is that such visas do nothing to contribute to law enforcement. Illegal aliens routinely testified prior to the creation of this visa in both State and Federal courts. The U Visa was never necessary to gain the testimony of illegal alien victims and witnesses. In fact the U Visa actually hinders law enforcement and prosecution of crimes since a witness who gains materially from testimony is unlikely to be telling the truth. In fact the U Visa is payment for a civic duty.

And the usual procedure for illegal aliens who need to testify is parole status until their testimony is completed, then immediate removal to their home countries. In parole status the illegal aliens obtain a temporary work permit to support themselves until the trial is completed. When they are no longer needed, the parole status is revoked. There is no need to change this process.

The shallowness of the U Visa which was promoted as a reward for those testifying against gang-bangers, organized crime and terrorists, is instead used to reward victims of minor street crimes. October 30, 2012 by Shoshana Walter

U Visa Aids Immigrant Crime Victims

Linda Mendoza says her life began changing for the better the day she was robbed at gunpoint.

In 2010, Mendoza had just opened her beauty salon on International Boulevard in East Oakland when three men walked through the door, pointed a gun at her pregnant belly and demanded cash.

The holdup left her shaken. Mendoza, an undocumented Mexican immigrant who had lived in Oakland since she was 4, packed up her salon and moved away from her childhood neighborhood. But the 22-year-old said the crime also produced a gift: Last year, she was granted temporary residency in the United States.

She was shaken and wins a green card. Hardly a significant crime. And why should this insignificant crime victim gain legal permanent residency? And the Oakland Police Department claims that they need to assure illegal aliens that they will not be deported, as if the OPD has any input into the deportation process.
In 2007, Oakland police processed three applications. In 2011, they processed 502.

Immigration rights advocates applaud the help for victims, but authorities say the main success of the program is in breaking down barriers between police and immigrants who often are hesitant to contact them.

Despite a shrinking staff, Oakland police officials said they have expanded the program because they believe it builds trust.

"We offer U visas as a way to assure them that they don't have to have any fear of us trying to get them deported," said Capt. Johnny Davis, who oversaw the program until July. "We want to help them solve their crimes."

In fact even in the good old days the legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service did not place an emphasis on such illegal aliens, but the OPD, an agency of the City of Oakland, a sanctuary city, never reports such illegal aliens and the current regime at U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement does not deport such aliens. And now with a policy of an ongoing Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty, no U Visa is necessary to assure illegal aliens that they need to fear deportation by the OPD.
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