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Print Friendly and PDF Editor Peter Brimelow writes:

“Keep up the skeer” was one of the maxims of the great Confederate cavalry general Nathan Bedford Forrest [PICTURED]—part of America’s heritage that our Ruling Class wants to suppress.

It means that when you have an opponent off-balance, you must keep them off-balance.

And that fits right into the theme our 2016 year-end fundraiser, keyed to the Donald Trump’s amazing election victory on the immigration issue: MIRACLES HAPPEN – LET’S KEEP THEM COMING.

Last week, I listed seven long-time themes that have been vindicated by Trump’s triumph.

Now, I want to describe some themes that I expect that will be developing during the Trump Administration, with the help of our generous donors like you.

  • Defying Intensified Political Correctness
The Political Correctness Reign of Terror has sharply intensified since the 1990s, when I was able to publish my Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster. (Note that I’ve never been allowed to publish a sequel). If Hillary Clinton had been elected, I am confident there would have been a government-led crackdown on “Hate Speech” on the internet i.e. facts and analyses that the Ruling Class doesn’t like, whether via legislation or emboldened Leftist judges.

As it is, the Leftist temper tantrum after Trump’s victory includes wholesale purges of social media accounts by complicit corporations, and what appears to be increasingly aggressive use of commercial censorware.

Perhaps the most shocking and significant development: the widely-reported recent clash between the Clinton and Trump campaign teams at the traditional Harvard post-election discussion, where the Clinton team accused the Trump team of “mainstreaming white supremacy.” Remember, these operatives are professionals who have all known each other personally for years—but that didn’t stop the Clinton people from flinging the latest Leftist cuss word, with its clear implication of an urgent need for repression, at their rivals. Cultural Marxist totalitarianism has reached the very top of American politics.

Conventional Republicans would curl up and die under such an assault. Maybe Trump will eventually, but he hasn’t yet. never will.

  • Angel In The Details
The devil is often said to be in the details, but in the case of immigration policy, an angel can be in the details too. Thus a Patriot Administration that has control of the Executive Branch can, without reference to Congress, make an enormous difference simply by enforcing the law.

But also likes to think up interesting things that a Patriot Administration could do to Keep Up The Skeer on the Treason Lobby and its clients.

For example for some time we’ve been urging what we call “Strategic Deportation”—the seizure and deportation of illegal aliens who, far from “living in the shadows,” have arrogantly made themselves prominent in various ways. Our favorite candidate: the journalist Jose Antonio Vargas, who has become a sort of professional illegal alien, appearing on the covers of national magazines and even hosting a TV show. But, hey, you could pretty well grab off the podium the keynote speaker at any number of Democratic Party rallies!

And more recently, our blogger Federale has come up with the idea of prosecuting the various virtue-signaling college presidents who have proclaimed that they intend to continue enrolling and financing illegal aliens (displacing Americans, of course, but they don’t mention that). Federale points out aiding illegal aliens is a violation of federal law.

These college presidents simply don’t expect American law to be enforced—any more than the illegal aliens expect America to enforce its laws. But—guess what?

This is fun!

  • The Big Picture
Washington D.C. is an intoxicating place—but it’s easy to lose perspective.

From our vantage point in New England’s Berkshire Mountains, will argue that Trump should focus on a small number of critical things to reduce the political impact of immigration. For example,

  • abolishing birthright citizenship. It removes right away the incentive for people to immigrate illegally, because their children won’t be citizens and eligible, and it removes the Democrats’ incentive to encourage illegal immigration. The great prize, of course:
  • an immigration moratorium, a cut-off of all legal immigration, which would tighten labor markets and benefit Trump’s blue collar base.
  • But an Official English amendment would send a very important symbolic message. Imagine if the federal labor code said that you can’t insist on having employees who speak Spanish, which is common now in large parts of the country, which in effect discriminates in favor of immigrants against native-born Americans.
From personal experience, I can tell you it’s not true that people in government are lazy. (At least the political appointees). They work very hard.

But they can lose sight of the big picture. And that’s why needs to keep reminding them:

  • Immigration is not a problem for the Trump Administration. It is a solution.
No-one has done more that to develop the argument that the Historic American Nation can be mobilized on the issue of patriotic immigration reform. That is what happened in the 2016 election.

It will be a fight. But is in it for the long haul. And now we have proof it can be won—but only with your help.

Please give generously.


Peter Brimelow


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