Leftist Blog Claims VDARE.com Influences Trump. OK, So What About Official English?
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A Leftist blog called ANGRY WHITE MEN| (((Tracking The Alt-Right))) credits me, with videos, [FLASHBACK: Peter Brimelow Offers Donald Trump Advice on Running an Anti-Immigrant Campaign] with influencing the Trump campaign via my speech this spring to the American Renaissance conference, e.g.
“Even without Congress, there’s a lot that Trump could do,” said Brimelow. For example, Trump could show up at the funerals of the “victims of illegal aliens.” (Since this speech was given months ago, Trump has already appeared with members of the Remembrance Project, a rabidly xenophobic group which distorts statistics about immigrant crime.) [Link added]
Of course I think Trump is utterly immune from all influences, but if he is actually listening right now I would urge him to pick up on this additional quote from Angry White Men:
Brimelow would also advise Trump to impose a “moratorium” on legal immigration and to pass an English language amendment. [Links, emphasis added]
That's especially germane because of this devastating story, picked up today by the heroic Drudge Report:
'I can't find a job because I don't speak Spanish': Working class Alabama woman says changing demographics brought on by illegal immigration has left her struggling to find employment, by Ariel Ziler, Daily Mail, September 22, 2016.
As I said back in 2012:
I think the public choice consequences of America’s creeping institutional bilingualism are profound. I think someone could be elected President by opposing it.
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