A Reader Watches Jose Antonio Vargas And Friends Conspire Openly At Harvard
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From: Benjamin [Email him]

It's funny how when far-Left illegal alien activists like Jose Antonio Vargas [Tweet him] and their apologists get together for a pow-wow at the Harvard Graduate School of Education they openly admit that:

  • their open-borders plot relies on a shrinking white demographic
  • they plan to use teachers to brainwash young Americans into thinking that immigration is a "moral imperative" with a focus on "humanity" instead of citizenship
  • they plan to "infiltrate" the entertainment industry to create "inclusive narratives" with "documented and undocumented"
It's also funny how the only person to defend the rule of law was a white male audience member  at 1:16:33 who called out "comprehensive immigration reform" as nothing but a Trojan Horse to open the floodgates.

This pow-wow (Askwith Forums: Assessing the DREAM and 15 years of Congressional Inaction) happened a week or so before the election, and no doubt the self-assurance with which they assumed Trump would lose because of "Latino turnout" has by now rapidly diminished. Still, it's important to remain vigilant against this kind of subversion, because these people will NEVER give up.


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