HEBREW CONSERVATIVE: "A Daniel Come To Judgement"
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In February and March this year we cross-posted from the thoughtful blog The Hebrew Conservative Immigration And The Kritarchy: What The Heck Is Happening In Israel?—And America and then Kritarchy And The Conditional State—What The Heck Is Happening In Israel?

In these Hebrew Conservative lucidly explained:

  • The Israeli Supreme Court is self-appointed, unbound by Constitutional constraints or Common Law tradition. It is therefore even less susceptible to democratic influence than our own wonderful Supreme Court.
  • The State of Israel was founded by European Ashkenazi Jews, fairly well steeped in the liberal/left traditions of the region, many of them loyal members of the General Jewish Labour Bund. But from the 1950s immigration from different areas with different traditions and explosive population growth amongst the Ultra-Orthodox resulted in an Israeli Great Replacement.
  • Unable to win national elections over the past generation or so, the Ashkenazi elite turned to the Court system to vitiate democratic rule. No doubt they were inspired by the excesses of the Warren Court.

In the months since we posted these articles, the tyrannical abuse of the J6 martyrs by the D.C. Courts underlines that in America too, the Judiciary deems itself entitled to smash political opponents.

Now, after the Gaza atrocities and the shockingly powerful demonstrations which have followed, The Hebrew Conservative has posted an equally incisive analysis of conditions in America: THE GOLEM RISES (AGAIN) AGAINST ITS CREATORS, October 15, 2023.

Will leftist Jews ever learn? Perhaps now when their follies have become so obvious?

America’s leftist Jewish organizations (which amount to 70% or so of main Jewish organizations) have for decades now dedicated themselves to the worship and promotion of the Left’s twin flagship projects—BLM and mass immigration.

Well, how is that going? Beyond the conservative critique that these two projects are detrimental to the ancestral American polity, is their promotion even good for Jews?

First, Hebrew Conservative considers black behavior. Noting that 67% of attacks in on Orthodox Jews in NY were committed by blacks, he remarks

Naturally, we can’t talk about black criminality because it’s a racist and white supremacist thing to do…

and goes on to discuss

…what the BLM movement says and does.

…recently, BLM’s various chapters have expressed support of… Hamas… BLM has naturally concluded that attacking Jews, like excoriating whites in America, is simply a form of fighting oppression.

…Is that good for the Jews? Many Jewish organizations probably think so, because they all support BLM. For instance: the ADL, the Central Conference of American Rabbis, the National Council of Jewish Women, the Rabbinical Assembly, Bnai Brith, the Reform Union, and many more.

Hebrew Conservative then turns to immigration.

…has mass immigration been good for the Jews recently?

…31 student organizations at Harvard … have signed a notorious letter supporting Hamas … what are these organizations and what kind of persons are the signers?

I am not a fan of doxxing, so I will not publish their names…Trust me that the student names don’t exactly sound like “Caroline Wentworth” or “John Dashwood.” In fact, they sound more like Tashfeena, Maleekah, Weesam, and Ahmed.

Then HC produces the punchline:

Surely these individuals and organizations hardly represent America’s historical white Christian core that the Left, including Jewish organizations, like to excoriate so enthusiastically. Well then, here you are and such are the results of your support of mass immigration…

Face it, leftist Jews, your resentment towards historic America has unleashed mischief upon both America and America’s Jews. Time to fall on your knees and repent.

A Daniel come to Judgment!




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