UPDATED: Has The Nashville Transfesto Finally Leaked?
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Three pages of the long-suppressed Transfesto by the young woman who said she was a man who shot up little kids at her old school in Nashville have apparently leaked to the Louder With Crowder show. Of course, I can’t think of any way to prove this is real or fake at the moment:

It’s about what you’d expect in this zeitgeist: lots of low IQ Woke resentment and rage directed at blond “crackers” with “white privlages.” Here’s one page:

As I wrote in March:

The only thing amusing about this tragic incident is that The New York Times, The Washington Post, and the Associated Press all strenuously avoided using any pronouns, masculine or feminine, when referring to mass shooter Audrey/Aiden Hale. Nobody can accuse the Gray Lady of misgendering a mass murderer! …

In recent years, the liberal media have warned us repeatedly about the menace of “stochastic terrorism.” The idea is that if Tucker Carlson invites Christopher Rufo on his show to complain about the bizarre fad for “drag queen story hours” for children, then somewhere at some time somebody will murder a transgender person in a hate crime. …

[In reality, though], transgender murders are a lot like the rest of the murders in America: a whole lot of black-on-black violence, usually for knuckleheaded reasons, often involving prostitution and/or drugs.

In contrast, this latest school shooting sounds like a classic case of stochastic terrorism.

Well, we shall see.

One reason for this microtrend of mass shooters who are girls pretending to be guys is because of the social contagion of the Establishment-endorsed transgender mania over the past decade.

There is always a lot of unhappiness and mental illness floating around, but what a culture theorizes that the cause is constantly changes. …

Matthew Yglesias notes how depression is recently worse among teenage girls who see themselves as Democrats and progressives. He points out that when he suffered from depression, he found help through cognitive behavioral therapy. CBT seems to work the best of the many talking cures. It’s a hardheaded approach that says: If your patterns of thinking are bad for you, then learn better patterns.

To Yglesias, much of the current woke mindset sounds like the absolute opposite of CBT: 2020s progressivism trains you to obsess in self-defeating ways about your oppression and victimhood. Our current culture encourages people to dwell endlessly on their schooldays slights, as the Nashville shooter seems to have done.

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