Muslim “Hit And Run“ Victim: The George Santos Of Stanford?
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From the Washington Post news section, a report on a traffic incident 3,000 miles away:

Hit-and-run injuring Muslim Stanford student sparks hate-crime probe

By Timothy Bella and Kim Bellware
November 6, 2023 at 11:00 a.m. EST

As authorities announced they had opened a hate-crime investigation into a report of a hit-and-run that injured an Arab Muslim student at Stanford University, the student called on people on Sunday to “collectively denounce hatred, bigotry, and violence” amid rising reports of hate crimes against Arabs, Jews and Muslims in the United States.

A black SUV hit Stanford student Abdulwahab Omira on the Palo Alto, Calif., campus before 2 p.m. Friday, according to university officials. The driver of a Toyota 4Runner was reported to have made eye contact with the victim, accelerated toward him and struck him, then shouted “f— you and your people” while driving off, according to a news advisory from Stanford’s public safety department. Omira described the driver as a White man in his mid-20s, university officials said. …

Omira, whom friends identified to local media as a Syrian refugee, released a statement Sunday through a student group that has been organizing sit-ins at Stanford to protest Israel’s actions in Gaza during the war with Hamas.

“As I lay in my hospital bed, grappling with a reality I had never imagined, I reflect on the importance of spreading love, kindness, and compassion in a world that seems to be steadily succumbing to hatred and prejudice,” Omira said. “This ordeal has solidified my resolve to advocate for love, understanding, and inclusivity.”

Omira described the driver as having short, dirty-blond hair and a short beard, and wearing a gray shirt and round-framed eyeglasses. The student said the driver “had previously shown animosity towards my community.”

“His hateful screams of ‘f— you and your people’ still echo in my ears as I grapple with the physical and emotional pain this incident has left in its wake,” he said.

Omira, who is listed on his student profile as an undergraduate computer science major, did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Stanford’s leaders condemned the incident, saying they were “profoundly disturbed to hear this report of potentially hate-based physical violence on our campus.”

“Violence on our campus is unacceptable,” Stanford President Richard Saller and Provost Jenny Martinez said in a joint statement Friday. “Hate-based violence is morally reprehensible, and we condemn it in the strongest terms. We want to express our deep concern for the student who was injured, and for all affected by this incident.” …

While Stanford’s department of public safety released two alerts Friday and Saturday about the hit-and-run, Omira claimed the school’s response was slow and inadequate.

“The hours following the incident were agonizingly silent from the institution that I had trusted to be my safeguard,” Omira said. “It took a multitude of emails and a cry for acknowledgment to bring forth a personal response from the administration.”

This is National News, people. It’s also being covered in CNN, NBC, ABC, and the Wall Street Journal.

Here’s Mr. Omira’s Linked-In page.

Here’s a 7-year-old video about him that he promotes on his Linked-In site:

And here’s an article in the conservative Stanford Review:

Stanford’s Hit-and-Run “Hate Crime” is Dubious

Reported Victim Abdul Omira is Described as “Pathological Liar” by Fellow Students

Josiah Joner, John R. Puri
5 Nov 2023

… Multiple students describe Omira as a “pathological liar.” They also claim that he was also an alleged victim of another incident last year, which was also sent out in an email to the student body, in which “a stranger tapped a Middle Eastern student on the shoulder, called him a terrorist, and told him to ‘go home.’” The Review has confirmed these accounts with multiple students.

Those who know Omira also maintain that he has lied about and fabricated many other aspects of his life. In an Instagram post from 2019, a user who met him shared the life story that Omira had told him—the “craziest story” he had ever heard:

Still, it sounds kind of painful to fake a hit-and-run car crash. I mean, Jussie Smollett was really into his role, but the most suffering he endured for his art was going outside during a polar vortex and then wearing a poorly tied quasi-noose around his neck while talking to the cops.

So maybe Omira actually is a genius and maybe all this stuff really did happen to him?

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