He's Back! Trump Swiftly Denounces Presence Of 6-Times Deported Illegal Alien Triple Murderer.
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H/T kxl.com

Donald Trump’s twitter feed has been rather bland of late, stirring worries of malign influence by the political bureaucrats who have recently been infesting his campaign.

But today the old Donald roared back


The underlying source story (note PC headline) Woodburn Shooter Deported Six Times Since 2003 kxl.com June 30, 2016 announces

The man accused of shooting and killing three people and injuring a fourth on a blueberry farm outside of Woodburn, has been deported from the U.S. six times since 2003.  The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman says in a written statement:

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has designated this as a federal interest case.  To that end, the agency filed a notice of action with the Marion County Jail asking to be alerted if or when Mr. Oseguera is slated for release so the agency can take custody to pursue further administrative enforcement action.  Relevant databases indicate Mr. Oseguera has no significant prior criminal convictions.  However, he has been repatriated to Mexico six times since 2003, most recently in 2013”

(VDARE.com emphasis) Oseguera obviously has criminal convictions of some sort otherwise the Feds would have said "none". However, not much can be significant compared to a triple murder. In the Obama era of lax enforcement, getting deported 6 times must have taken talent.

All but one of the victims and most of the witnesses are Hispanic, very likely illegals according to the fullest early account, published (of course!) by the U.K.’s Daily Mail).

If greedy short-sighted Agribusiness tycoons were obliged to mechanize rather than wallow in lavish supplies of cheap illegal labor, small Oregon towns would not have to endure this kind of atrocity.

Or of course if the Border had an effective  wall.

San Francisco shrugged off poor Kate Steinle – but her death helped Trump get the nomination. Raising the Oseguera-Gonzalaz case should help him win the Presidency.

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