Hawley Almost Goes There, Hints That Traitor Joe’s Regime Is Sex Trafficking Illegal-Alien Kids
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EARLIER: Maybe the Biden Regime IS Sex Trafficking Kids. After All, It Hired An Advocate For Underage Homosexual Prostitution

VDARE.com has repeatedly suggested that the Biden Regime’s obsession with hiring sex perverts, including an advocate of underage, homosexual prostitution, could mean the regime, or someone in it, is using the Great Replacement illegal-alien invasion at the southwest border to supply kids to sex traffickers. GOP Senator Josh Hawley is apparently worried about it, too, but hasn’t said so in so many words. Yet for the second time, he has strongly implied it. Most recently, Hawley asked the inspector general of the Department of Homeland Security why it has reassigned agents who investigate child exploitation investigations.

Whistleblowers contacted his office, he wrote to Joseph Cuffari, to say that DHS “shut down or delayed investigations into child exploitation and other crimes in order to transfer hundreds of special agents to process illegal immigrants at the southern border” [Hawley Demands Investigation into Biden DHS Agents Pulled from Child Exploitation Cases After Additional Whistleblower Claims, Hawley.Senate.gov, November 9, 2023].

Four whistleblowers contacted Hawley after DHS chief Alejandro Mayorkas’ testimony before the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee on October 31. The Cuba-Jewish visa fraudster was there to explain why 600 agents with Homeland Security Investigations were diverted from serious criminal investigations, including child exploitation, and sent to process Great Replacers at the border. One whistleblower said agents “are being told to shut down investigations to hand out sandwiches and escort migrants to the shower.” 

Continued Hawley: 

This led to child exploitation suspects and fentanyl dealers evading indictment, including child molesters. When asked whether special agents had been pulled away from cases and reassigned to the border, Secretary Mayorkas testified, “Combatting the fight against fentanyl, yes.”

Following the hearing, three more whistleblowers from across the country contacted my office, corroborating these claims. One alleged that Secretary Mayorkas was “absolutely lying” and that agents were not, in fact, being reassigned to investigate fentanyl cases. The whistleblower corroborated the claim that there have been at least 600 agents at a given time reassigned to the border. A third whistleblower claims that he was also reassigned to the border to “babysit” illegal immigrants; his duties included holding doors for private contractors who prepared the sandwiches for illegal immigrants, who were “fed better than my kids.” A fourth whistleblower confirmed that special agents had been pulled off child exploitation investigations. According to some of the whistleblowers, much of their time was spent on “stand-by,” as offices at the border were not expecting their arrival.

In late October, when he questioned Robin Dunn Marcos, the head of the Office of Refugee Resettlement, a bureau under the Health and Human Services Department, Hawley thundered that the regime is sending “migrant” children to unknown “sponsors.” The New York Times had reported that they were illegally working in dangerous jobs. Some 85,000 of those kids were missing.

But Hawley added that some of the kids went to sex traffickers.

Six months after he took office, Biden bragged that 14 percent of regime staffers were sex deviants [Biden says nearly 14% of his 1,500 agency appointees identify as LGBTQ, by Nandita Bose, Reuters, June 1, 2021]. That would be at least 210 deviants, freaks, and weirdos let loose in the federal bureaucracy. Included in that lavender collection of oddballs is HHS’s No. 2 official,  “Rachel” Levine, a “trans woman” who wants to chemically castrate and surgically mutilate children. A top official at the Centers for Disease Control, an HHS subsidiary, is Demetre Daskalakis, a sex pervert from central casting.

Hawley must next demand to know the name and background of every regime official involved with U.S. border policy, not least those responsible for releasing “migrant” kids.

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