H-1B Fraud Ring Busted In Georgia
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Ringleaders of an H-1B fraud scheme were busted in Georgia. Sheng Feng Sun (aka Joe Sun) and Sang Hun Oh were charged with conspiracy, immigration document fraud, and money laundering.

Many news articles are appearing on this case, but there hasn't been a single one that said what happened to the aliens who came here under false pretenses. This lack of follow-up seems to be very common when visa fraud rings are busted — there are a few arrests of the ones who were facilitating the fraud, but the criminal aliens who came to the U.S. are apparently allowed to stay in the U.S. I have reported many cases of this type in the newsletter and not a single time has ICE ever said they were going after the illegal aliens.

We must assume that these aliens are still wandering throughout the U.S. Hopefully they aren't terrorists, spies, murderers, or other types of criminals. The news articles don't give a list of all the nationalities involved but there were Russians and Koreans.

1) Sheng Feng Sun and Sang Hun Oh sold H-1B visas to aliens for $10,000. The aliens had no qualifications for the jobs on the visa, and the jobs didn't actually exist.

2) The visa applications said that the aliens were working at Edgewood College — which was a lie. You can view a couple of Labor Condition Applications that Joe Sun signed by using this link, or by entering "edgewood" into the search engine.

This one is for a position of "associate professor" at $36K per year. Joe Sun signed the LCA in 2002.

3) Sun and Oh passed out paychecks to the aliens to make them appear to be on the Edgewood College payroll. The aliens were required to pay back $500 to $800 to Sun and Oh in a clever money laundering scheme.

None of the articles gives a clue about what started the ICE investigation. Could one of the clues be that Edgewood College is a Chinese medicine school for herbs and roots?

The learn more about this school, go here.


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