Is Home Depot Feeling The Heat?
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Just hear me out on this...

Home Depot—the world's largest home improvement store—just announced a 28% drop in fourth quarter profits.

Now then, anybody who has stepped foot in a Home Depot even to just use the restroom knows that these places are manned by the most insufferable band of fools to be found in retail. No—not all of them—there are a few who can make correct change—but a remarkably high percentage ok?

True story: Several years ago I needed to hang some pictures in my house so I went to the HD to pick up some wall screws or whatever you call them. I stopped the first person I identified as a possible employee which is to say the first person I encountered wearing a bright orange apron and a vacant expression.

This is what I said: "Can you tell me where I can find the type of screws to hang pictures...I think they are called 'wall screws' or 'hanging screws'?"

She said "Are they the kind that go in the wall to hang things?"

Holey moley! Can't get anything past that one!

As much as I want to attribute the HD profit loss to the monkeys running the circus, I don't think that's it—I think Home depot is finally feeling the heat. People are fed up with their garbage and taking their money elsewhere.

We've all seen the hordes of illegal aliens loitering out front of the stores, waiting for some construction company in need of cheap labor to pick them up. We've all seen the love affair between La Raza and Home Depot. We've all seen the Home Depot ignore the demands from Americans to stop aiding and abetting illegal immigration.

So people got busy...and started efforts such as Save our State.

Here is the story for more information about the plunge but there is no mention of what caused the 28% loss.

I just know I stopped shopping there for these specific reasons and I refuse to believe I am alone in this. I think we're making a difference, people! I think we sent a message to Home Depot and all their slippery friends:

If you choose illegal immigrants over Americans, Americans will choose your competitor over you.

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