Grover Norquist: The GOP Has Had A "Sea Change" Because "The Business Community Has Come Down With Both Feet.” But How Many VOTES Does It Have?
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This is from Matt K. Lewis, in the Daily Caller:

I caught up with Grover Norquist, the head of Americans for Tax Reform, over the phone this afternoon. As usual, he did not disappoint.

According to Norquist, business groups, ranging from high-tech to farming to construction are all aggressively backing comprehensive immigration reform this time around, and that is making a huge difference. ”The modern Republican Party has had a sea change,” Norquist averred, ” because the business community has come down with both feet very strong.”

In the old days, Norquist insisted, “a couple of loud mouths like [former Rep.] Tom Tancredo made a lot of noise,” and seemed to speak for all conservatives – but those days are over.[Grover Norquist: Immigration reform pits Reagan and Rubio against Pat Buchanan, April 9, 2013]

So the "business community" is in control of the party, and everything is going smoothly. But while Norquist's think-tank job is safe, [Email him] Republican politicians have to face American voters. In 2005, responding to a WSJ gloat that said 

We get the same message from nearly every business executive who comes through our offices: Without immigrants, they couldn't possibly find enough willing workers to do the available work, no matter what the available wages. Yet Republicans seem intent not merely on increasing border patrols but also on further harassing law-abiding businesses that happen to hire illegals, as if anyone can tell the difference between real and fake immigration documents. Only Republicans would think it's smart politics to punish their supporters for hiring willing workers.[Immigration (Spin) ControlDecember 9, 2005]

I wrote 

OK, Big Business supports the Republican Party financially, but how many votes does the Business Round Table have? A hundred and sixty votes, that's how many. But there are a lot of displaced American workers in the Republican voting base.

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