Great Replacement Update: Lampedusa Has Fallen, 18K African Illegals Have Landed
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Unless Italy deploys its 100,000 strong army to Lampedusa to round up and deport the African invaders who have swamped the island, it’s difficult to see how the Italians who live there can stay. The Radio Genoa X feed and Telegram channel, which cover the Great Replacement, reports that almost 20,000 Africans are swarming like an ravenous plague of black ants:

Recent video of the invasion is truly frightening to watch. But it must be terrifying to the 6,000 Italian residents living it. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni was supposed to stop this. But instead, as Radio Genoa observes, she has shifted poverty payments from Italians to Africans, which has provoked fights with the cops:

“They are not refugees, migrants, immigrants or asylum seekers,” Radio Genoa wrote two days ago:

They are illegal military age freeloading criminal invaders fraudulently using “asylum” as a cover story. Corrupt EU politicians want to destroy Europe. We won’t let them.

We know they aren’t “refugees” because they—the refugees—say so. Just like those who are invading the United States.

Even if the natives want to fight, the Africans outnumber them 3-to-1. It’s only a matter of time before the mass rapes begin. Then, the mass murders.

Formal invitation: White Lampedusans should head for the southwest border of the United States as refugees or to apply for asylum. They really would be fleeing an almost certain genocide.

Then again, maybe they shouldn’t try. Traitor Joe Biden would likely make them Remain in Mexico because they’re white Europeans.

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