Diana West: Commissar Chutkan Channeling Her (Never Disavowed) Communist Family Tradition
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The redoubtable Diana West has posted an important essay at Conservative HQ: The Red Pedigree of Judge Tanya Chutkan, September 7, 2023.

Actually, it is two essays fused into one. I commented on the first in Diana West: Appeals Court Rescued 1968 Democratic Convention Rioters On Grounds Applicable To Jan 6 Victims. What Chance Equal Justice?

West has digested the meaning of Jon Levine’s August 26 New York Post article Judge in Trump Jan. 6 case is scion of Marxist revolutionaries. This reveals that Chutkan’s grandfather and great uncle on her mother’s (black) side were very prominent in the Jamaican Communist movement in the mid-20th century.

This of course is more important than my own discovery that Chutkan’s Indian father had established her in the Jamaican upper class: Commissar Chutkan: Another Half Indian Like Kamala Harris. But More Aristocratic.

West goes on to a blistering discussion of Chutkan’s behavior:

Judge Chutkan—she who laments that Donald Trump ”remains free to this day” (I can’t get over that one)—now presides over his federal persecution. That this outrage is not widely seen as an outrage is another, quite significant notch in our descent into tyranny. Fairness, non-partisanship do not even rate lip service anymore…

After about 30 cases related to J6, analyzed for ”politically charged rulings” and ”incendiary statements” by Julie Kelly here, the jury is in: Judge Chutkan is a political animal, not a judicial one. Seriously—what real judge sets the momentous federal court date for Donald Trump, the leading candidate of the political opposition, on the day before Super Tuesday? That’s not judicial temperament; that’s political activism, and it needs to stop.


The link is to Julie Kelly’s Real Clear Investigations post In Her Jan. 6 Courtroom, Judge Who Will Hear Trump’s Case Is the Pot Calling the Defendant Incendiary. Kelly extensively documents that Chutkan is a raging partisan (and also gratingly sanctimonious).

West adds

I suppose this is all more soul-searing evidence of how very far we have fallen as a republic; that it is a scion of Jamaican Marxists, appointed by the protege (possibly son) of an American Marxist, who presides over the judicial cover-up of the theft of legitimate power from the man who is the most anti-Communist President in American history.

(1st link: VDARE) and concludes

Judging by Chutkan’s J6 record, she will do so in high tyrannical judicial style, meting out yet another wildly unjust punishment to another defendant, whom, in true Marxist fashion, she is unable to treat impartially.  

Now that Chutkan has been given the role of executioner, criticism of her outside the Right-Wing catacomb is forbidden. But prior to this, there were murmurings on the Left: Intelligent Leftist Appalled By Commissar Chutkan.

Judge Tanya Chutkan says she wants consequences for “a violent mob attempting to disrupt the peaceful transition of power,” but all her sentencing of Matthew Mazzocco does is promote the repression of political dissent.

Peter Brimelow was right to post Trump’s Indictment—Like I Said, This Is A Communist Coup.



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