Radio Derb Transcript Up For September 15: Fake Impeachment, Fake Indictment, Camp Of the Saints, Cont. And Remembering 9/11's Aftermath, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for September 15, 2023. Go here to read or listen.

02:14  Fake impeachment, fake indictment.  (Soon a weekly event?)

08:28  White House issues a 3-line whip.  (Too audacious to be true?)

15:43  Camp of the Saints, cont. (Fifty years on.)

23:41  Immigration extras.  (Massachusetts, birthright citizenship, Russians, Arizona.)

31:45  Remembering 9/11.  (And what followed.)

34:30  Our loyal colony.  (Brits go shoplifting.)

36:37  Church of England goes woke, broke.  (It’s a shame.)

38:32  Mitt Romney to retire.  (Next year’s his last.)

40:17  Signoff.  (With Anthony Perkins.)

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