George Will(ow) bends. Big Surprise.
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Some time ago, a VDARE blogger noted the existence of a MSM species, the "Conservative" pundit who would advance genteel, often complex arguments, but, in the end, always cave. They supply a pretense of balance, and can be useful tactically to their employers.

He also noted the species is now rare, their habitat having been largely expropriated by Neoconservatives, but that George Will remained an example.

True to form, Will has published a call to capitulation in Sunday's Washington Post [Calculating Immigration Politics -June 18 2006]

Since there is absolutely nothing new or original in this article, which is just another attempt to scare Inside-the-Beltway types about the Hispanics, the more useful occupation is to consider why Will was set in motion just now.

Gratifyingly, he disapprovingly cites the Santorum race, which has noticed before. Santorum is getting attention in DC it seems. And perhaps it is not too much to see, in Will’s acknowledgement of the possibility of "Short-term Gain" from opposition to the Bill, an indication (also seen in the Wall Street Journal recently) that the Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration Bill managers are realizing the House will not commit electoral suicide on their behalf.

But they are telling us they will be back.


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