"Hispanic advocates"?" How about "white advocates"?
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I think I'm going to set up a non-profit organization which promotes the interests of White people...and only White people.

We will lobby for all kinds of government benefits and preferential treatment! Ooh, and then we'll register as many White people as we can to vote and have voter cards printed in the language of our choice...at taxpayers expense, of course! You see, that way we can flash big voter numbers around and bully politicians into doing whatever we want!

What? Does that sound racist?

Come on, Hispanics get to do it...I'm just trying to be fair!

In the great state of Oregon, a group of "Hispanic advocates" have launched a campaign to register one million new Hispanic voters in time for the 2008 election.

(Hmm...I wonder if the MSM would call my group white advocates...something tells me our label would not be so nice!)

The campaign will focus on millions of legal residents who are eligible to apply for citizenship—once they become citizens, they can vote.

The campaign will also focus on the millions of children born in the United States to illegal immigrants—they are already citizens and as such, they can vote.

Aeryca Steinbauer ( in English, that would be E-R-I-C-A) of the Oregon group CAUSA (scroll down) wants these children to vote in order "to defend their parents and their families." (email her)

[Hispanic campaign to get voters registered by Joseph B. Frazier, Associated Press 6/18/06]

These are the same people who will gasp in shock when the rest of the world finally stands up to fight all this ethnic entitlement garbage...then they'll call us racists.

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