There's No Debating Amnesty At The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
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In this morning’s edition, the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s editorial board, with Cynthia Tucker as its leader and head thinker, has come out in support of amnesty again.


Nation encourages illegal immigrants, June 19, 2006

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution supports comprehensive immigration reform that includes a pathway toward eventual citizenship for most illegal immigrants in the country. Citizenship should be reserved only for those willing to pay fines and any back taxes they owe, have a demonstrated work history, a clean criminal record and knowledge of English.

We believe that by consciously refusing for years to enforce our laws, this nation has welcomed illegal immigrants here to get the benefit of their labor. It would be unfair and inhumane to force them now to leave.

While we support increased efforts and personnel to improve border security, we believe the best way to stem the flow of illegal immigrants is to enact new laws on workplace hiring and aggressively enforce the laws already on the books.

With the headline ”Illegal immigration debate rages on”, directly below the editorial there is an entire page of letters from what readers the AJC has left that mostly disagree with Comrade Tucker and her dutiful flock.

As I am one of the remaining AJC subscribers, I can report that the disconnect between Tucker and her readers is ongoing. Week after week the letters to the editor reflect the realistic attitudes towards the organized crime of illegal immigration while Tucker continually refers to anyone who speaks up against the “marvelousness“ as “bigot“, “xenophobe“, “nativist“, “racist“ yada, yada.

Like many writers who attempt to marginalize patriotic Americans demanding equal protection and secure borders she often uses the term “on the fringes“ to describe them.

From here in Marietta, we must ask Tucker - who is really on the fringe?

Cynthia continues to ignore my repeated requests to publicly debate her on illegal immigration and amnesty. Maybe now that her editorial page has officially endorsed another amnesty, she would feel more confident if I offer to debate her entire collective?

Here is the offer Ms. Tucker:

You name the venue, time and date. I will happily debate you and the rest of your editorial board. We can charge a nominal admission fee and donate it to the Border Patrol Union in Tucson,.Si?

Warning to Tucker et al: If you were find the courage to accept [HA!] I will do something you have constantly avoided— I will mention that we have proven that amnesty does not stop illegal immigration.

VDARE readers can encourage Ms. Tucker here: [email protected]

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