George Kelly Ranch Shooting Update: Court Filing Says Illegals Carried AK-47s; $300K Raised For Rancher’s Defense
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If George Alan Kelly’s attorney can persuade a jury that he went up against a gang of illegals ready to kill, the Anarcho-Tyranny just might suffer the same kind of defeat it suffered when a jury acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse. Charged with first-degree, premeditated murder for killing illegal alien Gabriel Cuen Butimea, Kelly’s latest court filing says the illegals carried AK-47s. And in something of a victory for Kelly, a fundraiser for his defense has collected nearly $300,000.

The court filing says “this is a case where an innocent man has been wrongfully accused of a crime,” reported Angela Gervasi of Nogales International: 

According to the document, Kelly was eating lunch with his wife on Jan. 30 when he heard “a single gunshot.”

Soon after, the motion asserts, Kelly noticed a group of men “moving through the trees around his home.” The men were described as carrying AK-47 rifles and large backpacks, and clad in khakis and camouflage clothing. Kelly said he contacted the U.S. Border Patrol’s ranch liaison before walking to his porch, armed with his own rifle.

“The leader of the armed group of men saw Mr. Kelly and pointed an AK-47 right at him,” the motion asserts.

[Kino Springs man says he’s wrongfully accused of murder, wants out of jail, February 14, 2023]

Kelly fired shots over their heads to scare them off. Later, Kelly’s dogs led him to the previously deported Butimea’s remains.

As well, the filing says, the Border Patrol Ranch Liaison wrongly reported what Kelly told him about the confrontation. While the liaison “incorrectly reported that Mr. Kelly stated he could not tell whether the men were armed or not,” Kelly actually told authorities he heard the gunshot from the heavily-armed desperadoes.

The filing also observes the obvious: “Had Kelly truly murdered someone with premeditation, then he would have had no incentive to call law enforcement and lead them to the body.”

Upshot: An American is charged with murder for defending his wife and property against a gang of Traitor Joe Biden’s Great Replacers, even though he did the right thing and led cops to the remains of the man he shot.

Meanwhile, having been booted from leftist GoFundMe, a fundraiser for Kelly’s defense at GiveSendMe has, again, raised nearly $300,000 [GoFundMe removes all pages for Arizona rancher accused of killing migrant, by Katherine Donlevy, New York Post, February 9, 2023]. GoFundMe says it does not allow fundraising for the legal defense of those accused of violent crimes.

On the other hand, GoFundMe permitted the mother of violent thug Jacob Blake to raise more than $2 million to pay his medical bills. Yet Blake was shot when he fought with police, who were trying to arrest him for felony sexual abuse and misdemeanor domestic abuse.

So GoFundMe permits fundraisers to pay medical bills for dangerous criminals who are injured during the commission of violent crimes.

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