Gay Marriage, Christophobia, And The Sailer Strategy
Print Friendly and PDF does not take a position on gay marriage, which President Obama has just announced that he supports, or on anything other than America's ongoing immigration disaster. But the dynamics of this gay marriage issue are deeply significant.

Firstly, gay marriage is indisputably completely opposed to Christianity as it has been traditionally understood for the last, say, 2000 years. (In other words,  the current views of my own degenerate ECUSA, for example, are irrelevant).  In this sense, Obama's announcement is Christophobic—part of a relentless determination to extirpate Christianity from American culture, also seen in the War On Christmas, that obviously excites Obama operatives, his political base and, no doubt, key funders.

Secondly, Obama is appealing to his base—and not worrying about the "outreach" that the MSM is constantly telling the GOP it must engage in. He has shown this instinct before, for example in his pre-2010 election speech on immigration. In effect, it's a Democratic version of what calls "the Sailer Strategy." It can work. It just takes guts—which is why the GOP leadership isn't doing it.

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