A Reader Says Dick Morris Is (Implicitly) Endorsing The Sailer Strategy!
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Re: VDARE.com’s fundraising appeal

From: Nathan Hale [Email him]

It's always a pleasure to read Peter Brimelow's writing, even if during a VDARE fundraiser. I am hopeful the GOP will be forced into advocating for the historic nation.

I'm sending you a video by Dick Morris. I understand that he's not everyone's cup of tea, but in the video he practically screams out Sailer Strategy, an implicit message that the GOP's only choice is to appeal to whites.

 What is Obama’s Strategy? Dick Morris TV

See a previous letter from Nathan Hale.

 Peter Brimelow writes: Many thanks for the video link. I’ve been interested in Morris for years. In Behind The Oval Office, he casually said that Dole could have won by coming out for an immigration moratorium…in 1996!!!

Sean Trende in his new book The Lost Majority  also says that what the Democrats gain in Hispanics, they’re likely to lose among whites. I’ve never seen this point made outside of Steve Sailer's writing before.


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