“Hitler’s Revenge” Paralyzing GOP Hopefuls As Obama Plays Race Card
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Real Clear Politics is described at Wikipedia as being a

 “…political news and polling data aggregator …the site includes columns and commentary from both sides of the political spectrum.”

I find that to be accurate (and the site very valuable).

Once in a while, there is a house commentary—presumably on an issue the management finds insufficiently ventilated by the MSM. Such a one is The GOP and Race: The Perils of Unseating a Black President, By Erin McPike, September 28, 2011

Management is right. McPike raises a question of enormous importance: do the GOP aspirants have the steel to deal with defeating Obama?

It is the key question.

As I wrote back in March:

“The 2012 election is liable to be the most racially polarized in American history. President Obama has made this inevitable. I believe this explains the widely reported pessimism and defeatism amongst prospective GOP nominees. It is not that they don’t think Obama can be defeated. It is that they know the hatred and rage such a victory will generate in the MSM and the Inside-the-Beltway establishment will make the next President’s life very stressful. Think Watergate!”

This is an extremely serious matter. As I noted in June (Defeating Obama: Could GOP Prospects Stand The Rage):

“Over at View From The Right “James P.” wrote

… rage, hate, and insanity… will emerge full-force against the candidate who takes on Obama, and will be doubled if he wins. The Republican candidate will have to have a very strong character to withstand that hate and to govern effectively. Does Romney want to win badly enough to go down in history as "the man who defeated the First Black President"? If he wins, will Romney spend his entire time trying to appease liberal rage by governing as a liberal…”

This of course is exactly what happened with Nixon—who gave the country Affirmative Action in his first term!

 Based on today’s McPike article, the outlook is bleak. She reports:

“One key aide to a Republican who opted not to run for president this year, when asked how the would-be candidate might answer a question about challenging the first black president, replied curtly: ‘If you ever ask my boss that question you would not be invited back for another interview.’”

Wonderful. From the context of the essay, this was obviously the worthless Haley Barbour.

Braver, earlier Southerners had a word: Scalawag.

It gets worse:

“Newt Gingrich’s campaign has hired an ‘inclusion director.’ So far, the inclusion efforts have been aimed at Asian-American business and community leaders. The former House speaker has held meetings with Thai-American, Korean-American and Chinese-American leaders ‘…so that the campaign is a true group effort involving everyone,’ said Gingrich campaign spokeswoman Michelle Selesky. She added that the campaign is ‘currently working on similar roundtable discussions with citizens in the African-American community as well as Indian-American community.’

Memo to file: Indian Americans spend on politics.

Where are the American-American meetings?

The VDARE.com view of Gingrich is here.

Those of us who are (alas) old enough will immediately recognize what is going on as Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchersa tremendously effective 60s stratagem which President Obama is not scrupling to employ.

Proclaiming blackness frightens people.

But why is it so effective? After almost two generations of efforts at atonement?

The answer: the phenomenon that Peter Brimelow has named Hitler’s Revenge. As he said in Alien Nation:

“There is a sense in which current immigration policy is Adolf Hitler’s posthumous revenge on America. The U.S. political elite emerged from the war passionately concerned to cleanse itself from all taints of racism or xenophobia. Eventually, it enacted the epochal Immigration Act (technically, the Immigration and Nationality Act Amendments) of 1965.”

This has now extended to all discussions involving race—or even white ethnic interests.

As a result, completely legitimate issues of ethnic concern are banned from discussion—in effect, repressed.

RealClearPolitics’ McPike even reports:

“Mark McKinnon, a Texas-based strategist who advised President Bush, said that he would not work against then-candidate Obama because he believed he had the power to be a transformational figure.”

Why was this specimen anywhere near Bush?

Obama and the Democrats have proclaimed they intend to play the Race Card.

They will continue to do so after the election.

Is any GOP candidate tough enough to trump it?

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