Disaster In NC 7th - Cheap Labor Lobby Servant Defeats Ilario Pantano
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Ilario Pantano: His Country needed him.

Disaster has struck (as I feared) in North Carolina’s 7th Congressional District. Immigration Patriot Ilario Pantano has lost the Republican nomination to an opponent Pantano very effectively outed as a Cheap Labor Lobby servant during the campaign. David Rouzer, former Helms aide, to face Mike McIntyre in 7th District congressional race By John Ramsey fayobserver.com.

This is a tragedy for Pantano who has invested several years to win the seat – he was the GOP nominee in 2010. He lost by only 4 points because redistricting had injected his opponent's home county into the 7th.

It is also a problem for Immigration Patriots in the area. On the face of it, the incumbent, Blue Dog Democrat Mike McIntyre who has a fine NumbersUSA career ranking of B+  appears to be the more rational choice.

Republican control of the House in the 112th Congress has turned into a catastrophic farce. Far from actually doing anything about the American immigration disaster the GOP leadership for dubious reasons has abandoned the ground bravely held in the Bush years by conniving at the Obamacrat Administrative Amnesty. Brave men like Pantano are desperately needed.

VDARE.com salutes Ilario Pantano, and also our (sometime) friends at ALIPAC, who worked so hard for him.



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