Frist Message Board Captured By Cave-In Critics
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Apparently the White House line is to try to blame Democrats for the stalling of "Comprehensive" a.k.a. Cave-In Immigration Reform, but the real reason is buried in this LA Times story this morning: about half the GOP Senators didn't support the Frist "compromise" a.k.a. cave-in. In other words, the President has lost control of his party.

Just how serious the GOP grass-roots revolt is can be guaged from the fact that Majority Leader Frist's VOLPAC message board has been taken over by critics of his cave-in. Presumably this will be erased when his techie wakes up, so here are a few of the (obviously unedited) comments:

"Please spare us the old "democrates spoiled everything" spiel. Not a single person in my large circle of friends and family (a family of stauch republicans) supported the bill you brokered. We, like 80% or more of this Nations citizens, oppose ANY bill that includes a path to citizenship cough*amnesty*cough. "

"I don't understand what is the hurry to give citizenship to illegal alliens lets take step by step, I went thru the whole enchilada, proud to be a US citizen, my US flag has been in my backyward since 9/11 and ready to defend my country, in which mind fits that all those demostrators wants to be US citizen?"

"I speak with others voices. We are appalled and disgusted with what we are seeing in the "reform" of illegal aliens.'

"I am so sick of hearing the Republicans talk about how the Democrats are obstructing their plans. The true is the Republicans just lie down or cave in and let the Democrats walk all over them. That includes you, Dr. Frist."

"Senator Frist, I have supported the Republicans since I could 1st vote in 1966. I was thrilled when Republicans FINALLY took control of the House & Senate and then watched as the Senate allowed the press to destroy Gingrich. And now after 12 years, I ask "WHAT have the republicans accomplished besides spending MORE THAN EVER (not counting the war effort) and now proposing to allow lawbreakers to gain full benefits of this country. I'm not sure I'm correct, but, I've heard one of the provisisions is to allow illegals to attend colleges at the INSTATE tuition rate. My kids were not allowed that luxuries and I'm STILL paying their tuition debts after the LAST of three has graduated (about 6-7 years of payments). And now you want me to continue to support the Republicans. I'm not sure I can support you any longer. I DO NOT inted to vote for Sen Burns (Montana). I am not sure if I will even vote for the 1st time since 1966. HEED THE WARNINGS. Conservatives are NOT HAPPY with YOU and your party!!!!!"

"I have been dealing with this invasion by non Americans into our country for a cop! It has been a problem for that long. Why are BOTH partys JUST NOW dealing with it! Quit whining like it's a NEW problem and FIX it! I stoped 15 in a van and the office of ICE in Nashville told me to turn them loose if I had no charges. Well this is one life long Republican who is feed up!!!!!!! Fix it or "We the People" WILL use the CONSTITUTION to fix the GOV. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Join in here.

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