Meatpackers:No Wall Between Us And Cheap Labor
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Creekstone Farms Premium Beef [contact them] is closing on Monday " to honor its predominately Hispanic workforce."

Here's what their head of Cheap Labor Recruitment had to say:

"We really agree with the perspective of the Hispanic community," said Rusty Wright, the company's director of human resources. "We don't like the proposed law, especially building the wall."

He said that the closure was an attempt by the corporation to influence the political process by getting it's hundreds of foreign-born workers out in the streets, (I'm paraphrasing):

Wright said about 75 percent of Creekstone's 750 employees are Hispanic, and the company decision to close down Monday is to encourage their participation in peaceful protest to HR 4437.

"There is a lot of mixed opinions on this controversial bill," Wright said. "I don't think we mind having our opinion."

Kevin Pentz, Creekstone's operations director, said Creekstone's largest asset is its employees. "When you have 75 percent of our employees who are Hispanic, you have to support that endeavor," he said of the protest.[Creekstone closes a day for Hispanics, By Foss Farrar,Arkansas City Traveler, April 7, 2006]

Meatpacking used to be a job Americans would do; it used to pay more than it does now.

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