Bad King Vs. Good King in Georgiafornia
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Atlanta Journal Constitution columnist Mike King has gone from knowing a lot about immigration to knowing nothing in just a few short months.

I wonder how that happened?

Last year, King wrote a couple of solid pieces about the impact of illegal immigration on Georgia.

But his latest (“Mexicans and Assimilation: The Challenge” Mike King, Atlanta Journal Constitution, March 6, 2006 ) is a pathetic, politically correct effort that may be a result of pressure from his open-borders boss, editorial page editor, Cynthia Tucker to toe the AJC line.

Tucker is as relentless as anyone in the MSM in her conviction that illegal immigration is a fine thing.

Referring to illegal aliens as part of a “new immigrant community,” King [e-mail Mike King] suggests that failure to assimilate isn’t really the fault of Hispanics but is instead the logical outcome of “changes in the law, mass communication, the world economy.”

I’ll bet that idea never occurred to you…and for good reason. It is abject nonsense.

And King adds that the sooner that “zealot nativists” (a not-too-subtle reference to our Georgia-based colleague D.A. King) realize that forces beyond the control of Hispanics prevent their assimilation, the better off we will all be.

King may have helped save his job with his change of heart. But he sold his soul in the process.

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