Frank Salter In QUADRANT MAGAZINE On Libertarianism, The Nation-State, And Problems With Skilled Immigration
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VDARE.COM gets a disproportionate amount of traffic from Australia—the internet has solved what Australians call "the tyranny of distance"—and I'm pleased to see the Sydney-based conservative magazine Quadrant, which I thought was resisting the message on immigration like our own Establishment Right, has published The Misguided Advocates of Open Borders by the Australian-born political ethologist Frank Salter, whom we've mentioned many times.

There's a lot of good stuff here, but two points are particularly relevent for Americans. Salter writes about Australian immigration:

Ethnic stratification is taking place. Aboriginal Australians remain an economic underclass and some immigrant communities show high levels of unemployment. Anglo Australians, still almost 70 percent of the population, are presently being displaced disproportionately in the professions and in senior managerial positions by Asian immigrants and their children. The situation is dramatic at selective schools which are the high road to university and the professions. Ethnocentrism is not a White disorder and evidence is emerging that immigrant communities harbour invidious attitude towards Anglo Australians, disparaging their culture and the legitimacy of their central place in national identity.

(My emphasis).

The U.S. is more aware of problems caused by low-skilled immigration because of the perverse working of post-1965 policy, but skilled immigration, especially from groups hostile to whites, can be a problem too. I suspect the crowding-out that Salter notes is now reaching combustion point in U.S. elite universities.

Salter also writes:

The intellectual void surrounding the concept of the nation becomes most apparent when Mr. Berg [an open-borders Australian writer] wonders why an otherwise consistent libertarian, Murray Rothbard, thought that culture is worth defending by restricting immigration (p. 6). He quotes Rothbard’s reason thus: ”[A]s the Soviet Union collapsed, it became clear that ethnic Russians had been encouraged to flood into Estonia and Latvia in order to destroy the cultures and languages of these peoples.” Not a bad reason...The extraordinary thing is that Mr. Berg offers no comment after quoting Rothbard. It is as if the concepts being used, ”ethnic” and ”destroy the culture and languages” failed to register. But they are real.

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Needless to say, this remind me of my own discussion of libertarianism and immigration! Given the brouhaha that has broken out after VDARE.COM's posting of Hans-Herman Hoppe's recent remarks on the collapse of the paleo movement in the mid-1990s, it is a subject that we'll be returning to soon.



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