Family Togetherness Defined Sensibly
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Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has her head on straight about the mythical family values about which we hear so much from invasive Mexicans: when somebody who is part of a "mixed" status family (usually jackpot kiddies), they can all go live in Mexico (or wherever) together. No problema!
No sympathy from governor for families separated by deportation, KGUN 9 TV, June 9, 2010

On Thursday afternoon Tucson area congressman Raul Grijalva (D-Arizona) will help lead a congressional hearing on immigration enforcement. Among the issues to be examined is the effect that Arizona's immigration crackdown might have on families. Grijalva is specifically looking at the controversial immigration sweeps conducted by flamboyant Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and will examine what life will look like if more law enforcement officers begin to conduct similar sweeps under the terms of SB 1070.

Whatever the hearing finds, it's likely to fall on deaf ears as far as Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is concerned. In an interview with KGUN9 News on the eve of the hearing, Governor Brewer's message was clear: if you're here illegally, go back home. Her answer does not change in the case of families who might be separated by deportation or repatriation. Brewer said, "It is illegal to trespass into our country. It has always been illegal. And people have determined they want to take that chance, that responsibility.... They made a decision. And you pay those consequences, unfortunately." […]

As for Sheriff Arpaio, the man whose practices will be in the spotlight Thursday afternoon, the family separation issue does not sway him either. Arpaio told KGUN9 News, "I feel sad for that situation. But let's not forget the 10,000 people I have in jail. What about all those parents that are in jail that have been taken away from their kids? No one seems to care about the homes being broken up by other people who have committed violations of law. It's a sad situation, not only for the illegal immigration situation. It's a sad situation for all those people who are taken away from their kids because they violated the law."

Sheriff Arpaio is exactly right. Nobody made much noise about the effects of families being separated until the Raza gang thought it would be a useful ploy. Prisons are filled with persons who are also parents, and the kids suffer on account of the separation, but the bad guys should have thought of their kids before they committed the crime.

The clip below shows Governor Brewer opining that illegal aliens may take their families with them when they leave. Simple!

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