Has Rush Limbaugh been Zuckerberged? (2)
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H/T One Old Vet

Our Talk Radio Correspondent weighed in yesterday:

Friday, Laura Ingraham...said that she had heard the Zuckerberg immigration ads with Ryan and Rubio on "talk radio". She said that she didn't think they were running on her show and added: “I certainly hope they aren't”. She said she didn't want to make money that way. She said that immigration is by far the most important issue and that she is devoting more than 50% of her time to it. [In contrast, the Zuckerberg ads run at least twice an hour on the Limbaugh show, and I haven't heard him mention immigration since his return from vacation on Wednesday.]

(My emphasis.)

Laura Ingraham – who has clearly emerged as the most important patriotic talk show host this Amnesty cycle - has raised the financial importance of the Zuckerberg Ad campaign before: Laura Ingraham: Zuckerberg Ad Revenue Silencing "Conservative" Talk Show Hosts. And I noted that Limbaugh had fallen silent before he went on vacation:  Has Rush Limbaugh Been Zuckerberged? May 24 2013.

But I believe Limbaugh is too strong financially to be much concerned about the Zuckerberg Ad revenues (although I hope he is charging these skunks a premium price). Furthermore he really understands this issue and can be excellent on it (if erratic).

I think the probability is that he is disgusted. Having taken a very brave stand - Cabal of Leftists and RINOs Attempt to Destroy Heritage Scholar Jason Richwine rushlimbaugh.com May 10, 2013 – he was hung out to dry by the cowardice of the Heritage Foundation and Jim DeMint.

And of course there are so many exciting scandals to discuss. There was a brief moment on Thursday when he curiously shied away from an articulate Amnesty caller: Why Illegals Want Citizenship RushLimbaugh.com June 06, 2013. To his credit he came back after the break he had abruptly declared to accurately say

…why would illegals want to become citizens?  It's called chain immigration.  They can bring in all their relatives without having to pay to have 'em snuck across the border.  They can increase their demands.

However he also said

I didn't get a chance to talk about Rubio may be pulling out of the Gang of Eight.  Not sure if that's true but we'll talk about it tomorrow.

which he did not.

All of us feel disgusted at this process. I hope Rush Limbaugh masters his feelings.

His country needs him.

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