Flying the Multiracial Skies, Part II: Black Woman Rants On Plane, Not Dragged Off—EVERYONE ELSE Has To Get Off
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I often find my blogs here vindicated by future events (as do other writers, so much so that this site should be listed on a ranking of predictive power somewhere), but this one took less than a week.

On April 14, in a blog on the David Dao/United Airlines dragging, I predicted the scenario would unfold differently if the passenger had been a "loud black woman..."

Sure enough, a loud black woman popped off, and she was not dragged anywhere.

'Get your mother***ing pilot ready because ain't nobody going nowhere': Woman rants at police and flight crew after they tried to escort her off a Texas flight for causing a disturbance
  • Footage of the bizarre incident was posted on YouTube on Wednesday night
  • Video starts by showing the woman swearing and confronting crew members
  • After a few minutes two police officers are seen in the video boarding the plane
  • 'Listen... at this moment the captain wants you off the plane,' the officer tells her
Daily Mail, April 20, 2017
She even boasted that nobody would be touching her.

So this airline decided that instead of dragging her off, everyone must deplane. Put that one in your multiracial madness file — every single passenger on the plane had to be inconvenienced so that Ms. Black Woman could unleash that expletive-ridden, black-and-proud rant that I've heard a dozen times before in public.

It's yet another example of non-white behavior screwing up an otherwise smooth-flowing event, raising blood pressure, compounding stress, wasting time, money and resources, and generally making life unpleasant.

For the cherry on top, she blamed the whole thing on Trump.

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