It's On Like Donkey Kong: Immigration Patriot Jeff Sessions Vs. Cultural Marxist Nation Buster John Kelly
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The battle lines have been drawn between the two men responsible for protecting the United States from illegal aliens, and it is immigration patriot Jeff Sessions versus Cultural Marxist nation busting John Kelly who appears to want to elect a new people in the fashion of the Communist dictators of East Germany.

On one side we have a patriot who wants to build the wall, prosecute illegal aliens, and deport illegal alien DREAMers. On the other we have a DACA advocate and a limp-wristed #cuckservative who acts to protect illegal aliens from deportation, is unenthusiastic on the wall, and supports the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty. There is no more instructive issue than  the border fence with Mexico. The wall is the test of opposition to illegal immigration. Those who are against the wall support illegal immigration because they know the wall will work.

First, the patriot:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Wednesday that the border wall construction needs to “move rapidly” to keep down the number of illegal border crossings into the U.S.

“I think the border wall needs to move rapidly,” Mr. Sessions said on Fox News’ “Happening Now” ahead of his trip to the border later this week.

“It will be the final affirmation that the illegality is over. It will multiple many times the effectiveness of our border patrol officers,” he said.

[Sessions: Border Wall Will ‘Drive Home’ Trump’s Immigration Policy, by Sally Persons, The Washington Times, April 19, 2017]

Sessions even understands the utility of a clear public message that illegal aliens are not welcome and only prosecution and deportation await those who violate our immigration laws. Just the opposite of Kelly's public stance that only criminal aliens will be deported, and even criminal aliens like Ravi Ragbir have a chance of evading deportation if there is enough manufactured public demonstration by the Soros-funded radical left.

Now, the nation busting #cuckservative who deliberately undermined President Trump:

Kelly says a wall in the right places, will do that job. He told a Senate panel that the wall won't be from "sea to shining sea," but in places where border agents say it would be most effective.

[Homeland Security Chief: Border Wall Won't Be From 'Sea to Shining Sea,' by Alicia Caldwell, Time/AP, April 5, 2017]

That's code for I don't want a wall, it might actually work. While it is true that a wall or fence isn't needed in 100% of the border with Mexico, it is true that 95% of the border needs a wall or fence. A few isolated miles of mountainous areas are portions of the border that while a fence can be built, as shown by the Great Wall of China, it is not always necessary in particular areas like the Big Bend National Park in Texas or the Peninsular Range between San Diego and Calexico, most of the border is amenable to construction of a fence or wall.

Yes, You Can Build A Wall On A Mountain Range With 2,000 Year Old Technology
A fence or wall that will work. Just as both do in Israel.
A Modern Border Fence That Works
A Modern Border Wall That Works

And, as if to prove the point that John Kelly is weak-willed on deporting illegal aliens, he just allowed another illegal alien to avoid deportation. He appears to take instructions on whom to deport or not from the press. An illegal alien sob story appears:

I was allowed to sit in on the consultation because I agreed not to use the woman’s name or print any information — where she lives, where she works — that could identify her. To me, she looked like a regular Bay Area mom. Her dark hair was in a ponytail. She wore New Balance sneakers, black yoga pants and a hoodie with the logo of a San Francisco startup.

She’s someone I’d pass on the street without thinking about what she might be going through. But it was clear when she spoke that everything in her body ached because of the uncertainty of her situation.

She was concerned about her upcoming check-in with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, required for immigrants without documentation who aren’t a deportation priority.

[Just An Ordinary Immigrant, Living In Fear, by Otis Taylor, SF Gate, April 14, 2017]

And as if on cue, John Kelly decided to let this unnamed illegal alien without any recourse to remain, do just that:
Stories like that had scared the Guatemalan woman who was worried about her upcoming appointment with ICE. She didn’t want to leave her children behind if she was detained. (She wasn’t.) Veronica Guinto, the immigration attorney the woman met with, told me that’s a cold reality immigrants who try to fix their status must face.

“They can’t fix their status without attending the interview, and that’s the problem,” Guinto said. “They’re trying to move forward, and you’re basically not allowing them to do so.”

[The Fear That Immigrants’ Children Carry With Them, by Otis Taylor, SF Gate, April 19, 2017]

So, either John Kelly is easy to intimidate with shameless baby waving or manufactured public indignation, or he just really doesn't want to deport illegal aliens. Most likely he does not have will or the stomach to do his job.

And just as Cato the Elder ended every speech with a cry to save Rome from her sworn enemy, Carthage, Carthago delenda est, so I will call out every day that #KellyMustGo! For the sake of the survival of the historic American nation, #KellyMustGo!

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