Final Issue of SOCIAL CONTRACT JOURNAL Online, With 7 VDARE.COM Writers
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The final issue of the the Social Contract Journal has been published and is online. The journal has been in publication since 1990 and this is the last issue.  You can see the cover here and the article index here and here

The final issue has a strong VDARE.COM element, containing articles by a number of VDARE.COM writers.  Here are the links:

  1. Peter Brimelow: A Citizen Who Took Up Arms For His Country (also on here.)
  2. James Kirkpatrick: Same Hacks Smearing John Tanton Are Shilling For Soros
  3. Michelle Malkin: On John Tanton and the Camp of the Saints
  4. Michelle Malkin: Border Defenders' Action Plan
  5. Brenda Walker: Is Climate Change the Big Distraction?—The Issue Sidetracks the Public from Focusing on Human Population Growth
  6. Carl F. Horowitz: Enabling Asylum Fraud—The Strange Case of a Federal Employees Union
  7. Martin Witkerk: Financing Our Own Dispossession
  8. Allan Wall: John Tanton, Citizen Activist


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