Fake Marriages for Visas Scam in Australia Another Sign of Western Decline
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Australia has distinguished itself within the Anglosphere for recently adopting a relatively rational immigration policy, including actively preventing seaborne migrants from entering the country. Naturally, Third Worlders who want to enter the country are exploring other options, including exploiting the collapse of traditional values among certain women.
A Queensland woman who admitted to entering an arranged marriage with an Indian man for cash says she didn't realise the extent to which she was breaking the law.

Three women have given evidence at a committal hearing in Brisbane for a couple accused of arranging marriages for visa purposes.

Indian-born former migration agent Chetan Mohanlal Mashru and marriage celebrant Divya Krishne Gowda are each charged with 17 counts of arranging a marriage for a visa in 2011 and 2012...

Female witnesses in the case told the Brisbane Magistrates Court they were offered upfront payments of up to $4000 plus an ongoing $250 per week to marry Indian men whom they'd never met.

[Fake marriages were for visa scam: courtBrisbane Times, May 11, 2015]

Mass immigration is often defended in moralistic terms. In actuality, it seems like illegal immigration is enabled by the worst impulses among us, including greed, cynicism, and hypocrisy. Religious organizations that lecture us on the moral imperative to bring in more migrants are actually doing it for the money. Politicians like Harry Reid who once recognized the harmful effects of mass immigration on the country now support it precisely because it imports masses of helpless dependents who will eternally vote for more welfare and income redistribution.

And here, because of a well-meaning rule designed to help those in "love," cynical men and women casually blaspheme the once sacred ceremony of marriage for money and then pretend they had no idea what was going on.

Mass immigration isn't just a cause of a nation's collapse. It's an indicator the rot has already set in.  Here, we can take some hope the scam was broken up.

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